2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, April 15

Wordless Wednesday – The Most Dangerous Snake Show (that I’ve ever been too anyway.)


Okay so he’s caught 2 of the snakes ……….


Now he needs to catch the third one…………..How is he going to do it?


Yes you’re seeing right – he’s catching the snake with his mouth while holding the others with his hand.

*** Trust me I watched this show from a far.   Apparently Nicholas Cage has also attended this Snake Show while he was in Bangkok shooting Bangkok Dangerous.

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AmyK said...

Ew, who comes up with the idea of picking up a snake with his mouth?! Ick!

HDMac said...

Ok! That made me shiver!!!!

Joy said...

Ick! WOW!

angie said...

I would be far away too!

Momstart said...

why did it have to be snakes

Staci said...

That gives me the willies! I'm not sure I could have even watched from afar!

Ian said...

I remember going to the snake farm in Bangkok and seeing a guy playing with deadly snakes. It seems to be a popular thing in Thailand.

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