2014 Snapshots

Thursday, April 30

Punked! Not Once, but Twice!

I don’t like creep crawly things and my husband and girls know it too well.  But they decided to play a trick on me anyway.  Not once but twice!  And they had such a good laugh about it.

I first stumbled upon it while I was cleaning and putting things away.  He was just lying there eyeballing me.

GP #1

I tried to scare it away but it wouldn’t move.  And so I’m thinking to myself – oh no not a stubborn one.  So I left.  Left my cleaning and walked away.

Only to come back the next day to see if it was gone but he had moved.

Found some new friends. 

GP #2And again it was just eyeballing me.  I tried to scare it away but to no avail.  I loose again.  

So I called my momma to come and PLEASE take this thing away.  And like a good momma,  she got some tissue paper came up to it from the back and grabbed it.  I was outta there.  I was half-way up the stairs when I heard her burst out in laughter.  I didn’t understand what could be so funny, but all I could hear her saying was “it’s so hard, it’s so stiff”.  It’s not real!

What!  Let me see that thing!    You mean it’s not a real gecko!  And my husband  and girls knew it wasn’t even after I told them about the first sighting.  And he played along with my fear!! 

Doesn’t this little guy look real too you? 

gecko #1

Okay maybe his paws give him away just a little,  but com’n, he does look pretty real to me!!

We had a good laugh!!

1 comment:

Susanne said...

Now that is too funny and sounds just like the kind of joke that would be played around here.

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