2014 Snapshots

Monday, April 27

I just have to say…..


I watched Survivor last Friday ( a day later because of the time difference)  and I have to say,  I love the way that they blindsided Tyson.  Oh that was great stuff.  He was beginning to annoy me – not as much as  Coach is though,  but he was starting to get a little too confident.  So I’m happy that he was voted off.  It will be interesting to watch the next weeks.  I hope Coach is next, although his stories crack me up and he’s always talking in parables.  He’s a funny dude.  I’m also waiting to see how Sierra will use her new found power and confidence.

Can I also say – that it’s different seeing Tony Almeida as a  “bad guy”.   Yes I’m addicted to “24”.   It is becoming a little predictable but I’ll still watch.

Is Jack going to die?  Is Kim, his daughter going to help him, or is Jack going to steal the canister back from Tony and use it to get a cure for him?

Can’t wait!! 24

1 comment:

Ian said...

Yes, Coach is too cocky. Time for him to go.

I forgot to mention, I really like the Fortuner. I think it's a great car.

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