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Wednesday, April 29

Corner View # 3 – Modes of Transportation

This week’s theme for “Corner View”  is “Modes of Transportation. 

In Bangkok there are many choices.  Personal car, a taxi (a whole host of colors - pink, green, purple and even orange), a boat, a motorcycle (motor-sai), the train, the sky train and the tuk-tuk – the three wheeled motorcycle.

But here is what we use .  The personal car.  It’s a Toyota Fortuner. 

We are one more car to the millions that are here in Thailand – I have learnt that the “Car is King” in Thailand.  So many people, so many cars. Which explains the crazy traffic.


We also use one of these…………..


I don’t play golf, (I’m thinking about learning how to play) but we do have a golf cart.  It has become so handy for us  in the community that we live in.  Especially when my husband needs the vehicle. We love it.


  And of course we use our bikes but whenever we can…… we walk.   

We walk a lot.

lake pic #2 

Around this place.  It’s our Lake. 

lake pic #1

Lake Nichada.

But here below are some pictures I took of the other modes of transportations that are used here in Thailand.  I haven’t been on any of these and before I leave this place I will make sure that I do.

DSC05561Klong and Canal boat.


“Tuk-tuk” – the three wheeled taxi.


Motor-sai.  They are great when you need to get around the traffic.  Also the most dangerous.  In my short time here I have seen too many motorcycle accidents.

So these are the modes of transportation available to us here in Thailand.

To see what other bloggers have posted head on over to Spain Daily. ( I’m sorry I have yet to figure out how to do all those links)

Thank you Jane  for such a great idea and being host. 


Anonymous said...

hey kari! you have the same car as ian! you are too cute - it's your header, you keep it! i can't believe you actually offered it to me. thank you so much! i had tickets for three weeks in thailand but my boyfriend wouldn't go - so i eneded up donating it back to the school - ughh....i would still love to go - have you been to phuket?

MODsquad said...

Oh, this is such a great glimpse into Thailand!! It looks so beautiful there... all the green!! Thanks so much for sharing these great photos!!

Your kiddos are super cute!!

Anonymous said...

it looks like you park in the jungle!

Ian said...

The traffic jams in Bangkok are possibly the worst I have encountered anywhere in the world. At times it seems as if the entire city is gridlocked. It must take a lot of patience to drive there regularly.

Ian said...

Doing the links is easier than you think. All you need to do is copy and paste them, like any other block of text, from Jane's blog into your post.

Francesca said...

I love the photo of your blessings! We also have lots of scooters with whole families riding on them, and ... they are not very safe in our traffic either!

Ritva said...

thank you for sharing!
have a nice week!

Joyce said...

I love the scooter and great photos.
Did you figure out how to carry over the links? It is so easy. From Jane's page highlight all the names and copy and paste over to your post. I hope this helps. xoxo

caitlin said...

I love that you have a golf cart! For some reason I have always wanted to own one too. Whenever we go golfing I insist on driving.

Thanks for such beautiful pictures!

isabelle said...

your tuk tuk is blue, ours is red !!!

jane said...

Hey Kari! Thsese are great! Love the names of your modes of transportation. Thanks for these! Happy day to you!-Jane

jgy said...

Thanks for showing us around.
I'd love to walk around that lake.
Best wishes from Japan,

Cate said...

the most intriguing is the tuk tuk...looks like a fun ride.

denise said...

Wonderful photos! I would love a golf cart too! They make commuter electric vehicles here that won't go over 25mph, similar to golf carts (but closed), but they are not legal on many streets yet! Hmmm.

Schanett said...

thank you for your comment on my blog!
I like the canal boat!!

Susanne said...

What great pics. A fun peek into your life in Thailand.

epe said...

Great picures! thank you for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a huge car! I love the Tuk-Tuk picture and the Klong / Canal boat. Thx for sharing, Carmie.

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