2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, July 26

I really am not a list person!

the packers are scheduled to come tomorrow and I don’t think I’m ready.  I wish it was as simple as having them come in, pack up and leave. well I guess it is for them but not for me. 

it’s all about the lists for me  – the inventory lists that I have to have done before they can start anything, and I hate it.

I don’t enjoy this part of the process.  It’s unavoidable and so I try to keep the big picture in mind and why the inventory lists are important.

Anyway on the positive side of writing these lists is that it makes us realize how much stuff we have and we purge/downsize…..a lot!

here’s more shots of year 2 in Thailand.


Happy Tuesday….


Menthe Blanche said...

Wonderful pictures. One of my friends lives in Thailand, I hope I will visit him one day. It seems very nice. Good luck for your move ;)

Karen said...

Perhaps we would all do well to make lists of our 'stuff'. It would help us purge and keep things manageable.

LOVE the pictures. Such a beautiful place.

Jewel said...

My how grand is the palace!!! Such sweet sweet memories in each of these pictures, I'm sure. Good luck with your list and inventory!! Soon you will have a new home settled with all your important, necessary, and special things. <3


Mari said...

I love these shots! The one of your pregnant and the one with your Dad and Mom are so touching. What memories you will have from your time here.

natsumi nishizumi said...

These are great photos! The Grand Palace is gorgeous. I want to visit there one day! Thank you for sharing.

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