2014 Snapshots

Thursday, July 28

2010 in Thailand

2010 in Thailand was the year we travelled a lot. We realized that our time here would be over the following year and so made an effort to see more of the country.  And with a young baby/toddler in tow it’s an effort.

This was was also the year that I lost my dad.  In one of my last conversations with my Dad he reminded me not to take anything or anyone for granted and to always make the most of our opportunities. to always be thankful and that at the end of the day it’s family that matters.

I may never have the chance to live in Thailand again so we did make the most of it.  I’m also so very thankful that my father was able to come and experience a little bit of Thailand with my family.










tomorrow is my last day in my house.  I hope to get the photo’s for 2011 up before my access to my photo’s is shut down.  thanks for coming and taking a look at our journey.


Mari said...

More beautiful pictures! I love seeing the changes in your kids in the pictures of the last few days.

maria cecilia said...

Hola Kari, your family and world are very beautiful!!! So nice founding you.
hugs from Chile

Francesca said...

I'm enjoying this photo review of your days in Thailand, from your pregnancy on!

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