2014 Snapshots

Friday, July 15

126 days ago

we found out that we’d be leaving Thailand and moving on.  Now we’re down to 18.  yes,only 18 days left in the Land of Smiles and I’m sad and excited all at the same time! 

plane window

our air shipment gets packed tomorrow and will take around 3 weeks to arrive.  We’re told to pack items we can’t live without for at least 3 months while we wait for the rest of our shipment to arrive by sea.

I’ve gone back and forth trying to decide what to take and what to send later – it’s driving me crazy.  I’m finding it a little challenging cause the weather will change, or so I’ve read.

Anyway I’ve packed some toys, books and board games for the kids and some warm clothes – actually a lot of warm clothes. And also some photo’s – to make it a little homely. There’s a settling in kit that is provided which has linens and things but that’s it. Which is great. 

I’m including the flat iron – don’t want to be having bad hair days!!

flat iron.

what’s your thing that you can’t live without?

1 comment:

Jewel said...

Pictures.. books.. blankets to make it feel like home.. I wouldn't know what to pack!!

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