2014 Snapshots

Thursday, June 9

corner view–destination

I know it’s late again.  but here it is.

IMG_0186So this weeks theme from Kelleyn was destination.  Well what better way to finally share with my blog friends where my family is moving to next, right here on CV.

So next destination for us……


kazakh childrenphoto from google.

So we aren’t really leaving Asia, cause Kazakhstan’s in Central Asia but then a part of it is in Europe. My husband and I just got back from our look see trip via Amsterdam and well let me just say this, it’s going to be a totally different adventure/journey to this stop in Thailand.

I don’t know much about Kazakhstan yet, except that it’s a landlocked country. But from what I saw and the people I met, we’ll be just fine.

To be totally honest with you I’m really looking forward to it – new adventures always get me excited. 

It’s the journey that matters isn’t it….. not the destination. And we’re ready!

we have a little over a month and half before we are packed and shipped out of here so we are super super busy. I hope to visit other CV participants and see what’s happening in your corner’s.

Da svi danya!!

thanks Francesca for hosting corner view!

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