2014 Snapshots

Sunday, April 17

today is…..

Palm Sunday and this week is Holy Week.


I have a “to do” list for this week that seems to be almost as long as my daughter’s arm!! I’m feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it, but I’m hoping that I’ll be slow and deliberate with everything that I have to get done.

I’m always tempted to just get through each thing on my list so that I can cross it off and be done with it. And because I’m so focused with getting through the list I think I miss so much of the little things in my life.

I’m going to use the significance of this week, Holy Week to make sure that as I go through my to do list, I’m daring myself to list my One Thousand Gifts.  I’ve been reading the book and I’m enjoying it.

I think it’s time to take that challenge.

Happy Palm Sunday and have a lovely week.

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