2014 Snapshots

Monday, April 11

clean bill of health….well almost!

spent another half of my day down at the Doctor’s. This time my husband and I had our medical checks.

it’s never fun to be poked and prodded, but after some hours and going from room to room and seeing different nurses I’m happy to say that all is well inside and out. For me and my husband.

of course there is that little issue of the weight.  We are pushing it with our BMI’s so we’ve been told to take control of the weight! Oh gee how I wish is was that easy!!

Anyway we’re packed and ready to head out to the beach tomorrow. The weather has been a little funny lately, nothing of the cold sort, but just overcast and dull.  Hopefully we’ll have a couple of sunny days ahead.


it’s been a month since the horrible quake and tsunami in Japan.  It’s incredible that they are still feeling aftershocks.  Remember I shared some time ago that as a school community we were going to make paper cranes(I must confess the paper crane making was hard!!) and try to raise money – well to date the school has made over 2000 paper cranes and raised over 500 000 baht(that’s about 16000 USD).  We still have a couple more weeks to give.  Every little baht counts! 

Happy Monday!

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