2014 Snapshots

Thursday, March 24

hiding and seeking

I haven’t come across a kid that likes being medicated.  Mine certainly don’t fall into that category.  My girls always come up with excuses to not have any kind of medicine even though they know it will do them good. 

As for my son well he just hides them.  yep, yesterday he took the bottles that he saw the nurse hand over to me and he hid them!

JJ’s been sick for the past 2 weeks and it’s been no fun. he’s coughing, has a very runny nose and oh yes, he’s throwing up too because he doesn’t know any other way to discharge the mucus!

It’s horrible.

I eventually found the bottles neatly stacked behind the DVD player with the remote sitting on top of them.  JJ thought it was funny…………..and so did I, after I found them.  I thought I had put them somewhere and couldn’t remember!

Well he’s getting better and I’m thankful!



Mari said...

awww - poor little guy! It's awful when your kids are sick. Glad he's doing better.

Laura said...

Funny, too, that he put the remote control on top of them! Hope he's all better soon!

Francesca said...

I don't like being medicated either! Hope he gets better soon.

Puna said...

It's cute and creative! That medicine must really taste bad. Hope he's on the upswing now!

cate said...

poor little boo bear! well, at least he hasn't lost all his will to cause a bit of trouble. that's a good sign! happy healing, little man!

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