2014 Snapshots

Monday, February 21

the weekend

IMG_0156IMG_0159IMG_0234IMG_0150we worked this past weekend.  we got our hands dirty, broke out a sweat and used muscles that we hardly use. Yeah I’m a little sore, but looking back on the weekend I’m so glad I did it.

for so long I’ve used Joshua as an excuse and yeah maybe he is a bit young to be out there on a building site but he was so good – he managed to entertain himself with the village kids and stayed away from danger.

I’m thankful that I got to experience this.  I know the families are grateful that we went and helped build their houses and hand them their keys.  It was pure joy.  But I know that I also received, nothing material or physical but I know I received something.

I’m learning that It’s a beautiful thing when we give our time and ourselves to others and for others. we’re blessed, and blessed richly.  It’s almost therapeutic that I ask myself why I don’t do it often enough.

It’s hard for me to explain exactly what I’m feeling now but I know I received for my heart and soul. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

p.s more photos over at my 365 photo blog.

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