2014 Snapshots

Friday, February 4

Friday’s Fave Five # 65


It’s Friday and it’s time to look back on the week.  Many good things, bad things even some ugly moments – yep a lot happens in a week.  Life is never boring!

Anyway here are the things/moments that made my week, in particular order, here they are:

1. Meeting new people.  I love the opportunity to meet new people and the possibilities out there to make some new friendships. This week I met some new people to the community and it was lovely.

2. Generous people.  We’re raising funds for a habitat for humanity trip that we are joining and Tanysha wanted to have a go at selling some bricks! Well she came home one afternoon and was so excited that she was able to sell. She made 1500 baht which is around 46 US Dollars.  I was so proud of her and thank you to those ladies who bought from her.

3. Receiving mail. the books that I ordered arrive during the week, along with the Time magazine, Better Homes and gardens mag and the Woman’s day mag.  I love it!!  I’ve started both books at the same time and I’m really enjoying them.

DSC_1784here’s one of the books I ordered.

4.  A new bible study.  This week our bible study classes began and I think I’m going to enjoy my study.  It’s about our minds and how we talk to ourselves and what we say  to ourselves and about ourselves.  I need a makeover!  I know it may make me feel uncomfortable but I always believe that it’s a good thing to help me grow in my faith and hopefully become a better person.



5.  And finally a new painting.  I wasn’t too sure how this painting that I wanted done for me would turn out, but I’m so happy with the result.  I’m so looking forward to picking it up on the weekend and hanging it on my wall that has been bare for like forever!!  It may look familiar to some of you out there.

van goh pic

Well I hope you all had a great week and are ready for the weekend.

For more fave fives make sure to visit Susanne our gracious host.


Mari said...

I love the painting! I'm thinking I need to order that book. I follow her blog and I'm hearing lots of good reports on the book.

Karen said...

I love the cover on the book. Great photo, too!

Francesca said...

So unusual to see an image of snow in your blog! :)
The bright blue painting is beautiful.

fruitfulwords said...

The painting is gorgeous. It will brighten up any spot where it is hung.

Reading is always a favourite activity for me too. How fun to have lots of new material to devour. The One Thousand Gifts book looks divine. So many people are buying it. Maybe you can do a book review of it?

Ocean Girl said...

All your favorites are truly wonderful. Rather contagious too, like we want to make them our favorites too.

Brenda said...

I love the title of that Bible study, so cute! Sounds like a great week!

Susanne said...

Love the colors in the painting. I'm sure it will look perfect on your wall!

Getting books in the mail is a pleasure and makes my day every time. Enjoy your "deliveries".

cindy said...

I think I'm due for a mag subscription. Love to just get mail. Reading two books at once! I challenge only one at a time. This painting is nice, I had to look at it for awhile but it gives a good flow feeling. Have a great week.

Laura said...

Love the painting! The Bible study sounds so interesting. I think we learn and grow the most when we're stretched, don't we?

Have a great week!

Willow said...

I love the painting! You'll enjoy viewing it every day, I'm sure. The books and Bible study looks like great and important reading.

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