2014 Snapshots

Thursday, January 6

Wat Rong Khun

IMG_0232IMG_0234IMG_0241IMG_0248the bridge we had to walk across to take a look inside.  the hands you can see is what the artist describes as the “pit of hell”.IMG_0266IMG_0236IMG_0262Our visit to the White Temple was a wow moment for me..  It definitely wasn’t like any of the other temples we’ve been too.. For starters it’s all white and then also covered with mirrored tiles,  the outside anyway. when you walk into the room there is a large Bhudda sitting in front and then when you turn around to come back out  there is a mural of the artists impression and expression of certain world events.  Personally I found it to be very very interesting to say the least.  I guess that’s the beauty of being an artist – you can express yourself. And I guess if you are financing the whole project with your own money then you can do and say what you want to.

The white temple is actually one mans vision/dream and project, an artist from Chiang Rai. You can read about him here.  You can also read about the temple here and here.

And then here below are the public toilets – the Thais like to refer to them as the most expensive restrooms in Thailand.



Mari said...

It's so beautiful! Although the hands are quite creepy. I think the title for them is fitting.

laura said...

Happy New Year, Kari! That is the most unique wat I've ever seen; to be honest, I was sort of feeling that once I'd seen one or two, I didn't need to see any more! Is it in BKK? And my gosh, those toilets are something else!

Any idea where your family will head next? I don't particularly recommend Vietnam - Chris figures that the project isn't going to go ahead here!

Francesca said...

That representation of the pit of hell is frightening! Very nice photo of you Kari!

jgy said...

guess what word I kept saying as I looked at your photos?!!---


lucky you, to see such amazing sights, beautiful photo of you in front of the temple (I almost said castle:)


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