2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, January 5

Time Out

I’ve been non stop these last couple of days cleaning, organizing, putting stuff in boxes and dropping them off at the store that supports local charities around here.

And it feels good.

But today my feet are hurting from standing too much and so I’m putting them up.  I’ve got a book in my hands that I’m excited to start.  It’s different to what I usually read , but different is good.

Here’s the book, have you read it?


What are you up too?  

I hope you’re having a wonderful day!


Mari said...

I've been doing some sorting and cleaning out too. Today I'm headed to work. It's a long day, because I have to do rounds with the Dr, so I won't be home till around 6. I have tomorrow off though!
Enjoy the book!

Francesca said...

I don't know that author at all. What's the book like? I'm just finishing "Goat Song", and truly loving it.

kari said...

your book sounds interesting Francesca.
my book is about relationships. 3 different people in the 1960's in Nigeria during the civil war...

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