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Sunday, January 16

On Sunday………………….two birds with one post

IMG_006417 days into the new year and I think have my word, what word your wondering well my word for the year.

Last week I came across this blog and it got me thinking.  Thinking that how every new year, I start out by focusing on the things that I’m not doing well or enough of and then resolve to hopefully do them better in the new year. the first couple of days, maybe weeks I do well but then I start to slacken off and then I get discouraged and then it’s just a whole spiral effect after that, discouraging if I may say so and then of course I feel like a total failure..

Anyway so after being inspired by this post  I’ve decided to make a SOUL Resolution too.  Imagine that, resolving to better something on the inside of me, not the outside but inside.  Isn’t that where the real you and me comes from – the inside, the issues of our heart?  Well  It got me excited and I started praying and mulling over it.

And after 2 weeks here is my word:


Courage to believe in God again.  The COURAGE to trust in Him, the courage to have hope.  Oh yes and the courage to see God in everything.

The dictionary defines courage as;

a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear

or also known as bravery, fortitude, will, and intrepidity, is the ability to confront fear, pain, risk/danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. ...

The quality of a confident character not to be afraid or intimidated easily but without being incautious or inconsiderate; The ability to do things which one finds frightening

Well I know me and I’m not very brave, I don’t have those qualities.  I lack that confidence that I should in Him when the bible tells me that I can trust in Him.

And so this is my prayer that this year will be one marked with COURAGE. 


And so how is God calling me to be more confident or bold?

I’ve seen and read them all – the promise that if you wear this or that then you’ll feel great about yourself and therefore feel confident.  Or a pearly white smile will boost your confidence.  And such things may be true – but for how long? 

Do we really need material and superficial reassurances to be confident?

Don’t you think these are fleeting like self esteem – here one day, gone the next. 

There are days when I feel like I’m on top of the world and others when I want to crawl under my bed and stay there.  It happens.  Yes I’m human and my confidence gets shot down. 

I realize that here then is where I need COURAGE.  The courage to believe the bible, where God promises that the work He began in me he’ll complete. (Philippian 1:4)

I need the courage to believe that nothing can separate me  from his love, nothing. (Romans 8:35).  Not even a lack of confidence.

Some days it easier to believe in and live by God’s word, while on other days well it’s just plain hard.  But there’s got to come a time when it has nothing to do about how I’m feeling but everything to do about who God is and what He’s promised.

I’ll get there.  One day at a time.

for more shots of faith click on the image or here.


I know my post is late (Faith Barista Jam happens on Thursday) but here it is.  see you Thursday for another jam session.


Mari said...

I like the picture - love the post!

Francesca said...

I admire you for your constant search for improvement. There're are lots of questions in this post for which I wouldn't even know where to turn to find the answers. Courage!

Bonnie Gray said...

Hi Kari! It's wonderful to meet you and your words for the first time with your One Word for 2011 -- courage. A soul resolution is special because it comes from within and it takes courage to post about it! :) Thank you sharing this first step of the journey in the jam. What a beautiful and honest reflection. That is keeping it real -- and encourages my heart. Thank you!

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