2014 Snapshots

Friday, January 28


I’m still here and I have some flowers for you!  I hope you like them.


life’s been pretty busy lately but it’s all good.  To tell you the truth my mind’s been kind of everywhere that I’ve not been able to put sentences together!!  some days I get all excited and I feel like I have so much I want to share with you all but then when I come and sit at the computer, it just escapes me. 

anyway tomorrows our first free Saturday in a long while.  Soccer is over now and so we’re planning to go to the movies.  I hope it happens, things just never go as planned around here.

I hope you’ve had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend.

1 comment:

Francesca said...

I hope you did go to the movies - going to the cinema is something I really miss.

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