2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, January 11

back to normal, normal


Now everyone’s schedules are back to normal.  especially mine.  Hubby’s been back at work for a week now and the kids returned to school yesterday. I was a little bummed that I got sick over the weekend and we weren’t able to visit the Ancient City together on our last weekend of the holidays, like we had hoped..

Anyway now I can make some solid plans for the hours that the kids are away at school.  I try to make sure to be done by 2.30pm at least cause that’s when the kids get home and then of course it’s their time until bedtime.

Of course JJ is still at home with me but it’s easier to work one kid in to your schedule than 3. 

I’m looking into some classes to take up, we’ll see what happens.

Happy Tuesday!


Mari said...

Glad things are back to normal. I like that calender!

kari said...

hey Mari,the calendar is a COZI calendar, I think I got it from the Better Homes and Garden (Australia). I like it too. it's simple and my whole family uses it.

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