2014 Snapshots

Monday, December 6

Peace - ful

IMG_0915the beachIMG_1050IMG_0484our villa @ night.  IMG_0991IMG_1300walk way towards our villa. IMG_1301 Which do you  prefer, the sea or the pool?

We just got back from our long weekend.  We’re tired from swimming. Swimming a lot, in both the open sea and the pool in our villa. 

On Saturday night there was a fashion show show casing products by Jim Thompson. Oh I love his collection and then Sunday Thailand celebrated their King’s 83rd birthday.

We had a lovely time just doing nothing and enjoying ourselves.  I’m going to miss Thailand when it’s time to leave.

Well I’m anticipating some craziness in the next 2 weeks before school gets out!.

whatever your plans, have a great week.


Francesca said...

I like the sea better, though outdoor pools are pretty cool too. Your weekend looks lovely, and Thailand must be a unique place.

Mari said...

So beautiful! I enjoy the pool for swimming and the sea for looking at!

jane said...

wow it is so beautiful... hope all is well kari! where are you going next?
big hugs!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i have enjoyed your photos. far cry from our freezing temperatures... such a boost!

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