2014 Snapshots

Monday, December 13

Monday Morning Blues

Woke up to some heavy rain this morning.  It’s unusual for this time of the year, but we’ll take it.  humid, sticky and smoggy is how it’s been the last couple of days so the rain was very welcome.

What’s not so good, is that JJ was up at 4 not because of the rain but because of an ear ache.  I hate it when kids have ear aches or tooth aches – they just seem to be harder to soothe and comfort.


So it looks like my plans for today need a little tweaking…..

It’s the last week of school before it’s the Christmas break and so there are concerts, class parties,  soccer games and of course getting gifts for their teachers.

Do you do Christmas gifts for your child’s teacher? What kind of stuff do you get?  Do share.

Well it’s another busy week for me. 

wishing you all a lovely week.


Mari said...

Poor Joshua! I hated those things when my kids were young too.
I'm done with teacher gifts :)
but I just saw a post with some good ideas. Here's the link if you are interested:

Francesca said...

Not a happy child! Hope he feels better soon. Mercifully, we don't have a tradition of doing gifts for teachers over here!

laura said...

Aw, I hope that he's feeling better!

Teacher gifts are making me grouchy (grinchy?) this year. A mandatory amount of $$$ was requested of all students in Madeline's class this year to fund teacher gifts. I am wondering what is wrong with something homemade and heartfelt??? I think that her teacher is getting a lacquered box.

kari said...

Wow Laura, a lacquered box! I wonder what they give at the end of the year.
Hi to Madeline from Tanysha and I.

likeschocolate said...

This year I made tile coasters for the teachers along with some chocolates. The coasters were really simple to make. I just stamped old scroll writting on them in black along with a fleur de le.

Skylar said...

Aww! Poor baby. My little sister had an ear ache when she was little. It's so painful!
As for Christmas gift, I always think Chocolate is nice. Flowers (if there are any this time of year) and they always enjoy a drawing or card form the kids.

Sky :)

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