2014 Snapshots

Friday, December 24

Christmas Eve


The house is quiet right now.  The kids are watching a movie and falling in and out of sleep and can’t wait for the morning to come when they’ll get to open their presents.

We just got home after spending a couple of days soaking up the sun and sea at another of Thailand’s amazing beaches. we’re a little burnt and tired and so it’s wonderful to be back at home.


tonight though I wish I were at home with my mum, sisters and brother to spend this Christmas Eve with them.  It’s our first one without Dad.  My heart is a little heavy.  Actually a lot heavy.  I’ve been crying a lot lately these last couple of days.  I’m just missing him very much right now. It’s holidays like this when families are gathering to be together that it’s a little tougher to get through. 

I called home tonight hoping to speak to my mum but couldn’t.  My sister told me that mum knew I was on the phone and was already in tears so I’ll try again tomorrow.

I miss him dearly but he’ll always remain in my heart.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve…..where ever you may be.


Francesca said...

Oh, Kari, I'm so sorry that you're away from your family at a time when you need them. I hope your mom will feel better tomorrow, and you can speak.
Happy Holidays, the five of you together!

Mari said...

Your pictures are just beautiful! It looks like a wonderful day.
I can understand the part about missing family at Christmas, especially your Dad. I miss my Mom during the holidays too. I'm praying for you and the rest of your family.

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