2014 Snapshots

Monday, November 8

The Weekend

IMG_0182IMG_0026IMG_0034IMG_0004Hubby left over the weekend for a long work trip.  I hate it when he has to make these trips.  Granted it’s not very often that he has to and I’m thankful for that, but when he does it throws everyone off – especially the kids.  Tanysha is missing her daddy dearly.

Soccer started too.  Both girls had their games on at the same time.  So there was a lot of going and coming from one field to the next.   JJ enjoyed it immensely.

Can you believe I had my first Krispy Kreme donut here in Thailand, after almost 4years.   They opened a shop a couple of  months ago.  Let me just say that I have never seen or heard of lines being so long for a doughnut!!  People have been standing in line for over 2 sometimes 3 hours just for doughnuts.  Anyway Renee spent Saturday with some friends and they decided to get some.  Yes they stood in line – but thank goodness, she didn’t wait hours – only 30minutes!!   The novelty must be wearing off.

Well it’s going to be an interesting and busy week for me – holding down the fort. 

Happy Week to you all!

incase you’re wondering why I don’t have any soccer photo’s of  Renee, well my computer’s telling me I don’t have enough memory space – oh no!!


Francesca said...

I wish we could join forces, Kari, because I'm also alone for about 20 days:(
I really like the first photo, and the size of those bamboo canes.

Mari said...

I love that bamboo shot and the soccer one too.
Hope your hubby is home soon. It's always hard when they are gone.
Krispy Kremes are so good. There are none near us so they are a rare treat.

likeschocolate said...

Sorry your husband had to go away for the weekend. The girls are so cute in their soccer uniforms. Love the photo of the bamboo.

Jewel said...

The things people do!! I have waited 2 to 3 hours in line for good seats at a show or something, but I would never choose to wait more than.. let's say 20 minutes for a donut! Oh my. haha.

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