2014 Snapshots

Sunday, October 10

We Finished the Race

hope your 101010 day was a memorable one.

It certainly was for me.  Actually the whole weekend was.  The kids finished the race around 10 this morning with a final lap of the pool and then we had a celebration service at the church.IMG_0199

It truly was an amazing race, in every sense of the word.  The kids were awesome. competitive but also very respectful and encouraging to the each other (even their competition).

As it is  in every race there can only be one winner. But I saw   every kid that participated this weekend as a winner.  At every stage of the race, some teams excelled, while others didn’t but each one of them was determined to keep on going. to make sure that they would finish the race. 

At the celebration service this video was shared with us and so I thought I’d share with you. (do watch, you’ll be inspired!)

Unfortunately, our assigned spot got washed out yesterday.  not  because of the rain, because we had a ridiculous downpour of rain but because the boat taxi’s weren’t operating due to construction work on the river.

boat taxi1 (image taken from Google – what the boat taxi’s look like)

So instead we moved onto the next road block/challenge and helped out there.  It was a smelling challenge.  they had to smell  scents and guess what they were.   Let me just say we had some interesting answers!IMG_0040IMG_0058 It was a long challenge.  it went late into afternoon/evening.  this is a photo of the temple where we were able to set up the challenge just outside.IMG_0086 

This morning the raced continued and there was an eating challenge.  Teams had to eat a 8 slices of a pigs tongue, then they had to go into the market and buy all the ingredients required to make “somtum” a spicy papaya salad.  And then of course they had to eat it with chopsticks!! (I heard that last year they ate cockroaches and a tub of ice cream) IMG_0169

IMG_0141IMG_0149I had so much fun helping and watching but now I’m exhausted and I didn’t even race! 

Hope your weekend was a good one!


Mari said...

What a fun thing to do. I bet this is something that those participants won't forget!
The video was incredible - I had tears in my eyes as I watched.

Jewel said...

Wow! Looks like so much fun!! Pig's tongue.. I did that once for Survivor challenge.. certainly wasn't easy! I ate a pig's tongue and my partner refused to eat an onion, we lost. Imagine!
Great video! I cried some too! God's love is great.

Francesca said...

Goodness, glad you didn't participate in the eating event last year:) The smell test sounds like fun!

laura said...

That sounds like such an incredible time! Makes me wish that I had had a middle school-aged kid ...

jgy said...

Otsukaresama de!
It's a word that doesn't have an exact English translation, but is used after finishing something, to exclaim something like,
"Great job, you've done it!" (and also has the meaning that you may be tired after having put so much in it...so take your well-deserved rest:)

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