2014 Snapshots

Friday, October 8

Subtle changes


We don’t get the vibrant color changes from one season to the next.  I wish we did.  To see the beautiful colors and nature in all it’s glory, i  miss that.   It’s still hot here and it’s still raining but we’re enjoying the subtle changes. 

The kids are starting to talk and plan Halloween costumes.  It’s such a big thing here in our community. I always laugh at how we never did trick-o-treating when we lived in the US and here in Thailand, we’ve done it every year since we arrived.  It’s not even something the Thai’s do.  Of course commercially the stores are loaded with all things Halloween but it’s just not something that they do.

Hope you had great week and happy weekend, whatever your plans are.

1 comment:

Puna said...

Oh how I miss Thailand!

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