2014 Snapshots

Saturday, October 9

The Race is On….

DSCF9033 I’m helping out today with our church’s main activity for the High School kids.

The Amazing Race, Bangkok.

20 teams, 80 kids and over 90 volunteers.  Hooray church- well done volunteers! The race finishes tomorrow around noon.

The kids will be racing all over Bangkok, using every type of public transportation available,  and of course doing some crazy detours and road blocks!!

Hubby and I have our assignment but can’t share right now. It’s super secretive. 

I wish I was doing the race.  It would be so awesome. Anyway it’s going to be exciting!  I hope to share some photos later….

Oh and by the way – it’s 10/10/10 tomorrow! Anything special planned for the day? if not then join in on the fun and tell your story.  Click here if you’re curious. 

Happy Saturday!


Francesca said...

It is a special date, I would have missed it! Enjoy the race, and your secret assignment!

Puna said...

That sounds like a host of fun!

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