2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, October 20

Corner View – Holidays.

I love holidays.   Whether it’s getting on a jet and flying somewhere with children in tow or just driving down the road and visiting new places – the goal is always the same – a time to relax, have quality time as a family, to discover and learn and most importantly to have fun – together.

It can get stressful with young kids but that is all part of the fun, isn’t it!?

Here are some photo’s to share.  maybe you’ll notice a theme?!

lalokau gabuna My village, Pari Village where my heart will always be. We have taken holidays where we head back home. (we don’t do it enough though)

IMGP0061Sequoia, California. 2003

DSCF0203Clear Lake, California. 2006.

DSCF6713 Gold Coast, Brisbane. Australia. 2009.

DSCF4167 Krabi, Thailand. 2010.

Yes I love the water.  Good thing the family does.  Actually with the kids being young it’s easy planning.  Hopefully as they get older we’ll get to discover some other destinations like maybe Africa, or Bhutan or maybe even Egypt. 

I’m still dreaming.

For more holidays visit Theresa.


Dorte said...

Gorgeous holiday shots ... the one from Clear Lake is just so cute :)
Hope everything goes well on your trip to the refugee camp.

cate said...

yes, it is good to stay near the water! especially with kids who love it as much as you do. these are so great, and it's so fun to see that your family goes everywhere with you. have they started taking pictures, too?

Francesca said...

You grew up by the water, it'll always stay with you!

Dana said...

Beautiful. And, yes, the water is the best for the children. We visited some cities when the kiddo was still in a stroller, but now it's all about the water. . .

jgy said...

Another thing I notice in your gorgeous photos is that there is so much Space in all the views!! Maybe because I live in Japan and there isn't that sense of space, so your photos feel so expansive, I feel as though I've travelled far and wide:)))thanks!

Joyce said...

Your village is beautiful!! I love it. xo

la ninja said...

water and kids and fun. there you go.

Mari said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! You have had some wonderful holidays!

Jewel said...

Water!!! Beautiful pictures. The sunset in Thailand is my favorite. The water looks so eerie.. yet also peaceful! I hope your trip to the border went well. I'm sure you blessed the people immensely.
Have a good week!
<3 Jewel

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