2014 Snapshots

Monday, September 13

Semi Vegans for a day and a phase….

IMG_0010Joshua is going through a phase. And it’s got to do with his jeans. He’s just loving them right now.   After every bath he  has to put them on.   I don’t know why you’d want to in the heat  but he’s doing it.  I know it will pass (and I hope soon) but for now I’m just watching!

Also today in support of the schools Health and Fitness week we stayed clear of meat today.  Well actually just red meat.  What can I say, as a family we like to eat meat, but for today I thought we’d join the school with it’s “meatless Monday”, so for dinner I made this soupChicken-and-Avocado-Soup

Actually I cook quite a few of Gina’s recipes because I do weight watchers and i love how she has the points with each recipe.

Anyway I’ve never thought of putting avocados in a soup before.   But I followed the recipe and wasn’t disappointed.  It was delicious!

What were you up to today?

1 comment:

Francesca said...

Little boys look so adorable in jeans, even when they're not the wisest clothing choice:)

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