2014 Snapshots

Thursday, September 23

I have humor, but I’m just a tad busy

my days have been real busy lately. 

I had an article to write for the school magazine (thankfully that’s done now) , parent workshops to attend for different subjects, meetings for parent volunteers and fulfilling commitments that I made weeks ago when I didn’t think I would be quite so busy.

Do you ever do that,  commit to something a couple of days or weeks in advance and then when the time comes to fulfill that commitment your over committed!!

Maybe it’s just me and my lack of planning that causes my busyness, who knows!.  But it’s all good.   I’m just feeling tired, physically.

I’m looking forward to the weekend…… although I know already that  it’s going to be a busy one.  I have to go to China Town and search for some rubber ducks for a carnival that we’re  organizing for a refuge camp in a couple of weeks. I hope hubby is patient to allow me to side track at the market!!

hope your week is going well!

we don’t laugh because we are happy – we’re happy because we laugh.

William James.

IMG_0036p.s.  I know my photo has nothing to do with my post and I’m a day late for Corner View, but my son makes me laugh a lot.  Actually my kids remind me constantly to laugh at myself.


Francesca said...

I think I do that all the time! Good luck with your projects, and hope you find the rubber ducks!

Mari said...

I've had a busy week too, but have the next 3 days off - I'm ready for a break!
I love the picture of Joshua. Thanks for the smile!

laura said...

Kari, this is going to sound silly but I love hearing about all of these activities that you're getting yourself into! I miss my Thailand life so much, and really appreciate it now that I'm not there anymore, volunteering for crazy school stuff.

Good luck finding the ducks! I never veered off of Sampeng Lane in Chinatown!

laura said...

Btw, JJ looks quite ready to go on a safari!

la ninja said...

of course we do. we all do that: feeling all inspired and volunteering, then procrastinating, panicking to end up delivering on time :)

natsumi nishizumi said...

Lovely post! He makes me big smiles!!

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