2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, August 25

Pink was very Pretty

IMG_0074 'momoiro'(Japanese),  pink seckahl (Korean),  si chom-poo(Thailand), rose(French), rosa(Spanish).

You’re probably wondering what the words above mean. well that’s how you say the color pink in different languages.  This is what I learnt today among many other interesting things.  Like  who knew that “Alecia Moore” is actually the pop artist Pink, and that bubble gum was patented by a dentist and that the London Financial Times is printed on pink paper!!

I also realized again how lucky I am to be among woman from all walks of life and from all over the world.  totally awesome.

IMG_0106I met some ladies who’ve been here for only a couple of months and others who have been here for 9 years.  It’s such a diverse and colorful group of woman who have travelled many different paths and for today we all gathered for a reason - for fellowship and friendships – old and new.

I picked my study and it isn’t any of the ones I indicated yesterday.  I think after hearing from the facilitators how much homework was involved with each of the studies it  made me change my mind!!

So instead I choose Becoming A Woman of Prayer.  I’m hoping this will help me quiet my spirit.IMG_0213

I’m looking forward to the study.  And I’m also looking forward to making some new friends.

IMG_0083Don’t you just love it, even our food was pink!!


Mari said...

You are going to have a great study, and I love the pink too!

merel said...

I love to be together with woman..

K said...

Yay! You take beautiful pictures Kari!!! I love the one of all the ladies from the balcony! You have a gift for photography!

And I'm excited for you to take Becoming a Woman of Prayer - it's a great study and a great facilitator! I just want to sit and soak up all of Becky's wisdom in life...

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