2014 Snapshots

Friday, August 6

Goodbye Summer!

Another summer comes to an end. It was wonderful to relax, explore and just be.  the girls head back to school Monday and I know they're excited.  Who wouldn't be - they get to see their friends, make new ones and start another year of their academic journey. Renee starts middle school and Tanysha first grade.

I'm excited for them. And I'm ready to guide them, follow them and support them.

Here's a video of Tanysha from Kindergarten that her teacher so graciously put together for her. Actually each student in her class took a dvd home of themselves.  I've also included a couple of  photo's of Renee's "moving on" ceremony.  

receiving certificate!


 Good Bye Summer and thank you.


Francesca said...

School in the middle of August?! But it's STILL summer!

Mari said...

School starts again and they just keep growing - and looking older!
I love the colorful photo above too!

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