2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, August 17

Good on the Inside

IMG_0075 Sleep may be hard to come by at the moment but everything else is good.  I mean life is good right now.

My dear husband asked me a couple of times last night if there was anything bothering me or if I was anxious about something.  And my answer…… nothing. there really is nothing wrong.  I just think I’ve been worked up for the kids return to school and my mind maybe tripping over itself trying to figure out what to do with this time that will now be available to me.

So there’s nothing bothering me.  I just can’t sleep.   I’m

  • content
  • feeling inspired
  • volunteering to serve in different ministries at church
  • imagining the possibilities.
  • loving the community I live in.
  • I have my husbands love and support
  • the kids are back at school and are happy ……
  • and so am I.

the photo has nothing to do with my state right now but this fruit kind of reminded me of how things might not look good on the outside but it’s so sweet on the inside.

I may wake up in the mornings looking like a zombie, with puffed up eyes but everything is good.  Just great on the inside.


Francesca said...

This is a very nice post Kari.
I find that I'm the opposite: though my outside usually mirrors the inside, sometimes it may look good, but in reality I'm a bit of a mess inside!

Mari said...

Great post - and you make a good point! Like Francesca, I may look good on the outside and be prickly on the inside!
PS - What is that fruit - it is so cool looking!

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Thanks for sharing this perfect moment... with a perfect illustration !

laura said...

I actually think that rambutans are the prettiest fruit :)

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