2014 Snapshots

Thursday, August 26

Back To School Night

tanysha's letter0002Tonight we  were at school for Back to School night.  and this is Tanysha’s letter to my hubby and I.  It’s on this night where we meet her teachers formally and  see how our children will be learning, what they will be learning and how we can get involved.

From reading her letter it looks like she’s loving it at school.

I remember 1st grade and how much I loved it.  I still remember my teacher to this day and I think she’s the reason why I have such fond memories of 1st grade.  She was just the coolest!

How about you, do you remember your days at elementary school?


jane said...

too precious!
i can´t believe it´s already that time again. have a great year! (yes- my years still go from sep to sep...:))

Emily Young said...

Elementary school was the BEST! I loved those years. We got to read so many wonderful picture books (like Make Way for Ducklings), create fun art projects (like calendars), and make new friends... it was lovely. It's great that Tanysha loves her school, too : )

kim banks said...

adorable letter - keep it forever!!! hey kari, i was at an open house last night, too! i do remember elementary school! once again, love your header - so pretty with the blue and white! hope you had a fun summer,

Francesca said...

I do, when I have nightmares! I had bad luck in school, with seriously awful teachers and all. But university was great!

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