2014 Snapshots

Monday, August 23


I made it.  All 45 k’s.  I kept pace and finished the ride.  I thought I’d have to catch a taxi back or even call the driver to come and fetch me – but nope I made it till the end.  It felt good!

sitting bhuddaMe and my new friend(Sherry) standing near the Buddha.  He was big and he’s looking over the river.

It was scary negotiating the early morning traffic because we left around 7.30 this morning but once we got out to the open road it was all good. We also took the ferry across to the other side of the small island and walked through some markets. It was pretty neat.

I plan on making this a regular Monday morning thing.  The workout is great but what I loved about today was really getting to see, smell and hear Thailand.  to move through the everyday lives of the regular Thais.  that’s what was most enjoyable.

Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera with me but I managed to get a few pics with the iphone.

Bhudda's footthis was inside a small wat (temple).  We weren’t too sure what it was but we think it’s Buddha's foot.

vendorWe bought coconuts from this guy for refreshments.    coconuts

But now I’m sore and tired and am getting an early nights sleep.

I hoping you had a great start for the week.


Mari said...

Hooray for you - I'm impressed!

Francesca said...

Well done Kari! I bet you'll sleep better tonight!

Kari said...

I did sleep very well Francesca. I slept like a baby.

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