2014 Snapshots

Monday, July 19

Keeping Calm


Packing is not, and has never been my forte, it drives me crazy.  What kind of shoes,  how many pairs, remember diapers, nappy rash cream…what will the weather be like? etc, etc.  Will it be warm, or raining or freezing?  Uggh!

It makes me go all crazy and stressed.  Today I’ve been trying real hard to keep calm.  Reminding myself that I’ve done this many times before and there really is no need to stress.  I know what to do.  I do.

Just stay calm, go through my lists and tick stuff off one by one. 

26  more hours till we get on that plane……I’m counting!


Francesca said...

I know, I don't enjoy packing either. My mantra is "what we don't have, we don't need", but also, what you don't have you can get in Europe too:)! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Mari said...

I hate packing too. I'm always thinking I'm going to forget something. It is easier when you don't have to pack for kids!

Puna said...

You will be ready don't worry! No matter how many times I do it, I always stress. Just make sure you put your eye liner in. If I have mine, I'm good to go:)

jane said...

have a wonderful time kari! p.s. i do the same thing... :)

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