2014 Snapshots

Monday, July 12


Even though I’ve lived here for almost 3 years my Thai language skills are still not very good.  They are very basic.  Just enough to get by.  words like  hello, thank-you, how are you, how much.  that sort of thing.

So when I returned to a yoga class a couple of weeks ago I didn’t know that the class would be in Thai. It was interesting to say the least.  I did have to pay extra attention at how the instructor and those around me where doing the poses.  it felt uncomfortable and awkward but I got through it. 

I did come away with a few more Thai phrases, like left and right, front and back.  Oh and I learnt how to count backwards in Thai.

I’m still going back for more yoga and thai lessons too. not all the classes are in Thai but it doesn’t matter now, as long as I am going.

L_yoga (image from google)

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jgy said...

Good luck with your yoga classes and thai lessons! I can relate, as I have been taking Yoga in Japanese for several years. Now I think I might not recognize some of the body parts in english!!
have a great weekend,

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