2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, June 30

Corner View Summer

DSCF3990Everything slows down here at home during  summer.  No schedules, very little routines (but with a 2 yr old we must keep his routine).  Late nights, early mornings, summer camps, summer movies, summer reading, play dates with friends who are still here and well ……we just take it easy.

Exploring Thailand……….DSCF4731DSCF4734IMG_0355 IMG_0416IMG_0544 and this summer enjoying the World Cup too.  we aren’t big soccer fans but we love watching the world come together through sports.

Summer 2010 - World Cup

For more Summer views visit Jane’s sidebar.

hope you enjoy the video.


Mari said...

Beautiful shots! Looks like summer is great. I love the bare feet by the water.

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Mmmhh ! Perfect shots for a great season ! Enjoy it too !

anna said...

I can imagine Thailand is the best place to be in Summertime.
Isn't it great that the WC is in South Africa this year?!

kenza said...

wonderful! and shakira as well! Thanks for that.

jgy said...

Looks like a perfect Thailand summer...I love the feel of walking (standing) barefoot on the sand, love the way you capture that feeling in the photo.
Happy summer!

RosaMaría said...

perfect photos!
love the "chairs for rent" sign!

Emily Young said...

Beautiful photos - especially of the beach. IIt looks like you're having a lovely summer (I think there's nothing better than summer movies & reading). Thanks for stopping by my blog today - it's nice to meet you!

Janis said...

Beautiful tan legs in the sand :^)
Happy Summer!

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