2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, May 12

Corner View Statues

This weeks theme is statues and fountains.  Don’t have any fountain pictures but I do have many statues.

Buddha Statues.

They say to have a Buddhist statue at home or workplace or any other institution of public area, is significant. It’s considered to bring in good vibes. The statue inspires  human beings to achieve peace, happiness and self realization.

And who doesn’t want peace, happiness and self realization?

this is my little buddha that I bought sometime ago.  DSCF9230

Here are some photo’s of  the many Buddha statues that I’ve seen at some important landmarks and temples here in Thailand. DSCF3104DSCF5536DSCF3076There are also ones that will be restored (I kind of like them like this-so much history about them).DSCF5535

But this one has been the most interesting one……..so far.DSCF1484

I’m not a practicing Buddhist but I have friends who are.  And I’m always inspired by their desire to be kind to all living things, practice generosity,  and to keep their minds clear.  And these statues inspire them to develop their  inner qualities and work for happiness. 

There is so much more to learn in this world.

Thanks Joyce for doing Corner View while Jane’s been away. You have been a great host.!

For more statues and fountains visit Joyce’s sidebar.


Cate said...

oh, these buddhitas! that is the only item that i inherited from my maternal grandmother, her buddha. i am not buddhist either but admire much of buddhist philosophy.

where is that buddha in the tree. now, that is beautiful!

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Your beautiful pictures and post bring me pretty good vibes ! Have a great day Kari !

Latisha said...

the statues always inspire spiritual or not. your photos are stunning.

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