2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, April 27

Ida’s Challenge – Stranger # 12

Ida’s 12 weeks of strangers ends today.  I cannot believe that I did it.  I took photo’s of 12 strangers and posted them.  It’s been fun to people watch.  To be aware of them and to have my camera with me to take candid shots of people.

In all my photo’s though I’ve not had the courage to ask them if I could take their pictures but I’m sure they were very aware of me pointing my camera at them.

Thanks Ida for the idea.  It’s been fun.

So to close this challenge out here is my last stranger.DSCF7417

She’s praying/meditating near a spirit house.  There are many spirit houses every where you go and you will often see people stopping and praying.

I took this photo from the car.   

And as we came around I took another shot. The picture below made me laugh – because of the body in the background!!DSCF7419

Thanks again Ida and everyone else who played along.

1 comment:

Francesca said...

What a contrast, the lady praying and her surrounding! We really don't need anything too special to stop, and connect with our inner selves.
I've enjoyed your photos of strangers, Kari. Ida had a really fantastic idea.

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