2014 Snapshots

Monday, April 19

Back to Normal.

Our time at Disney Hong Kong was lovely. It was cold but it was a welcome break from the heat we are use to in Thailand. The kids had so much fun, especially Joshua.  He just loved it.

DSCF6420 DSCF6707

The girls went back to school today but I don’t know how long for.  There are still protests here in Bangkok and now the yellow shirts plan on gathering too.  It’s unfortunate but they are exercising their democratic right.

Don’t forget the giveaway.  entries close tomorrow 12 midnight, Bangkok time.


Thom said...

OMG these are just priceless and the look on Joshua's face is just gorgeous. You can hear him having so much fun. Wonderful my friend :)

Mari said...

Such cute pictures! I love the one where Joshua is laughing at Buzz Lightyear! I can't believe the protests are still going on!

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