2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, March 9

Ida’s Challenge – 5/12 Stranger

Here are my strangers for week 5 of Ida’s challenge.

DSC04174 We went to the floating market early and on the way we saw this man. I think he’s  getting his produce ready to sell at the main floating market…….. like this other stranger.


To see who else is playing along visit Ida.


Francesca said...

The floating market sounds like a great place, do you shop there? Right now we'd need a "sled market" over here :( Very nice photos, with lots of interesting local color.

CrowNology said...

Very nice.I wish I were there in person! There are huge snowflakes falling in front of my eyes as I write this. I love snow but I'd like to see this for awhile...
I just put my photos up too.

Thom said...

Excellent photos. I'd love to see a floating market in person How wonderful :)

Puna said...

Thank you for sharing the floating market! I think it's one of the most exotic places in the world.

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