2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, March 2

Ida’s Challenge – 4/12 Stranger

Here is my stranger for week 4 of Ida’s challenge.


I was hoping that she would look up but she didn’t.

All I know is that she travelled with her partner (you can only see his head) from afar to come and enjoy Thailand.  She was speaking some European language.  We started the day out as strangers but at the end of our day of island hoping we all became friends.

My daughter is swimming so close to her you’d think she was with them.  If you look closely you can see the fish just below the water.

To see who else is playing along visit Ida.


Francesca said...

I can see the fish! I wish I was the stranger from Europe enjoying Thailand:)!

Ida Nielsen said...

Lovely shot, Kari. Makes me want to go snorkling ;-)

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