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Wednesday, March 10

Corner View – Miniature Worlds

Thailand used to be known as Siam.  And in our first year here I remember visiting  a place called Mini Siam just a couple of hours outside Bangkok.

And so for this Corner View I thought  Mini Siam would be very appropriate.  

But firstly meet Hanuman.  He is the first person you’ll meet as you enter Mini Siam.  He is known as the “magical god king but Hanuman will be for another post later.


Well these pictures are of some of the temples from the Kingdoms (Ayutthaya and Sukothai)  past here in Thailand.  Coolest thing is that I have been to these places here in Thailand – for real,  so these 1:25 scale miniatures are very impressive to me. IMGP0205   DSC02031 IMGP0193 DSC02030  DSC02032 DSC02034

But that is not all. 

They also have a Mini Europe and some other very well known land marks.  I’m sure you CV participants out there will recognize many of them.

DSC02020  DSC01989  DSC02007 DSC02008 DSC02012 IMGP0226 IMGP0224 DSC02014   DSC02000 DSC02021 DSC02024

I know there are quite a few photo’s but I hope you have enjoyed them.

For more miniature worlds visit Jane and thanks Cate for this weeks CV theme. 


Mari said...

What a great place to visit! The architecture is beautiful, whether full size or miniature!

Lollipop said...

Lovely! The atomium! Brussels, Siam, so close, so far!

Jewel said...

Wow. Those are so neat! I've seen miniature models buildings or cities a few different times, but nothing like a small world of significant buildings like these. Very neat!

None of those look like PPNG to me. Am I right?

kim said...

Yes, I sure did enjoy them! At first I thought you were confused, because the guy out front is so BIG! But then I saw behind the gates the very cool replicas of real things! Love the eiffel tower!

Angie Muresan said...

I LOVE IT! Certainly another place for my kids to explore, as well as for myself, of course.

Francesca said...

wow, a mini reproduction of the major architecture landmarks!

kimmie said...

how beautiful! my favorites are of Siam though - especially the boat :)

Ida Nielsen said...

Fun!! I'd love to go there.

soisses said...

great idea for the corner view! good job...

was in thailand for my wedding-holidays. love it!

juanita de la vega said...

Beautiful travel around the world!
It has been a little tiring; but I enjoyed!lol

jgy said...

I love the statue of liberty with palm trees in the background! Perfect c.v. to see all over the world in miniature:)
Mini-Siam is quite impressive!
Thanks and happy week to you.

Cris said...

oh my... i have no words. this is amazing, perfect... wow

i bet you all have a great time!!!

happy weekend

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