2014 Snapshots

Friday, March 5

Antibiotics and Body Lotion.

After a week of antibiotics and body lotion my kids are on their way to good health again and less of  itchy and sun burnt bodies!

My kids have been home all week sick.  Renee was diagnosed with H1N1 and because of it my other 2 kids were also put on antibiotics just to be safe.  Thankfully Tanysha and Joshua did not get H1N1 but they both did get very high fevers with tummy and head aches but no H1N1.

We’ve watched a lot of TV this week and I guess you have to let them when they’re feeling crook but starting next week  TV time is going to go down drastically. The TV remotes will “magically get lost” somehow!!


I’m so thankful that the H1N1 was not as bad as I thought it would be.  Maybe it’s because we saw a doctor ASAP, I’m not sure but i’m just thankful.

The girls will be back to school Monday..  


Jewel said...

I had H1N1 back in October and it was pretty bad but only lasted two or three days over a weekend. I'm glad the other two didn't get it!

Francesca said...

I'm so sorry Kari! In this country we had a H1N1 break out back in November, and it hasn't been in the news since after Christmas ... I thought it was over! I'm glad your kids are all better now.

Cherry B said...

Oh bummer! I'm laid up in bed with a sore neck (from a really, really minor car accident?) and wish I had a TV in the room... guess I'll have to play on my laptop instead ;)

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