2014 Snapshots

Thursday, February 4


DSCF2739I don’t have wheels so I’m at home.  And it’s good. Because there’s things to be done.  (hehe - I have a lagatoi though!!  It’s a double hulled canoe . This is a minature one that I have to decorate my home)

In 20 days the elementary school will have their International Day and I’ve volunteered to set up a classroom to showcase my “home” country.  My assigned grade is the 5th grade so I’m working to put together an age appropriate  presentation for about 120 kids.  I’ll also be doing a 15 minute thing for the kindergarteners  which has to be interesting for 5 and 6 year olds.

I appreciate these opportunities.  So much to share from general country information  to languages spoken, way of life, import/exports, currency,  cultural traditions, dances,  food and on and on and on. 


Luckily I’ve also got this book which is very dear to me. 

DSCF3094 My grandmother used to tell me and my sisters the stories that are in this book when we’d all lie down ready for bed.  She didn’t read them but told them to me and my sisters.

When we made a trip back home 3 years ago I made sure to bring this book back with me so I can read them to my children.

As I prepare my presentations for that day  I hope to share with you something’s about my sweet island home – Papua New Guinea.


Cam said...

I cannot wait to see what you share! And, good luck with the presentations!

I miss the stories of my grandmother. I hold them in my heart, but I would love to hear her speak them again...

Francesca said...

It's a wonderful opportunity and it's great that the school should take are of organizing events in which different cultures are explained.

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