2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, February 9

Phuang Malai - Jasmine Garlands

Firstly not only do they smell so good but almost every where you look in the streets of  Thailand,  you’ll  find these beautiful “phuang malai’s” hand made and sold for money.  jasmine flowers

The garlands are used to wish someone good luck and are also used during paying respect at a wat (temple).  You’ll will also find many of them placed  in front of Buddha statues  around the streets of Thailand.


For the many times I have been stuck in traffic there always seems to be someone selling so I go ahead and buy. Not for the reasons that the Thai’s do but simply because I love the smell it leaves in the car and in my house.  I also think they are very pretty. 

Don’t you?


Francesca said...

Oh, I would buy them too, I love the fragrance! I wonder how they're made!

jane said...

p.s. kari did you make up the cv badge? i love it!

Mari said...

They are very pretty and I would love to smell one.

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