2014 Snapshots

Saturday, February 6

Photo Hunters: Average

photohunters2mo1 This weekends theme:  Average.

This was tough.  Really, really tough.


Wondering why I’ve posted this photo of rain for this theme?  Well the average rainfall in Thailand is 200mm monthly!

The monsoon rains can cause flash flooding,  but what I don’t like the rain for is this – traffic becomes a nightmare.  Everything comes to a standstill!!


marcia@joyismygoal said...

cool I do love rain shots for the variety and new look at life they give

TorAa said...

Wow, that much rain.
In the other hand, it's better with rain, than no rain at all.

Mine is here:

n a t s u m i said...

I hear you! It this rainy season in Thailand?
Have a safe driving!

Thom said...

Very clever and great photo :)

janis said...

I love the rain though I am sure there is a limit to that :^)
Stay safe!

Bull Rhino said...

That's the way it is here when it snows at morning commute time. I really enjoyed your very above average take on this difficult theme.

Scott at World’s Best Photography Blog

Francesca said...

"Average" would be a difficult theme. I have no idea what our average rainfall is, but I'm pretty sure there's nothing average about the weather here, it's so changeable and weird all the time.

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