2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, February 10

Ida’s Challenge – Stranger 1/12

I’m joining in on the fun.  I’m a day late this time around but I’ll get my pictures up on a Tuesday.

So here is Ida’s challenge:

the premise: 12 weeks. 12 strangers = 12 portraits.

rules: the person must be a stranger and post the pictures every Tuesday.

Here’s my Portrait.


She reminded me of my grand mother.  I don’t know where she was going to but she looks very focused and deep in thought.

For more strangers visit Ida.


Joyce said...

A very sweet woman. She could be anyone of our grandmothers

Francesca said...

Very nice photo Kari. Seems to me she's walking away from things, the market in the background and the loud billboards.

Ida Nielsen said...

This is beautiful!! I love her colourful clothes and determined look!! Thanks for playing along ;-)

isabelle said...

Great shot !!! I love her pink top !!

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