2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, February 16

Ida’s Challenge – 2/12 Stranger.

Here’s my stranger for week 2 of this challenge.

I posted these same pictures over at my 365 project blog and I thought I’d use them here.

Here’s my Portrait of a Happy Stranger.DSCF3469 This is what they were doing. 

Burning something.

  I’m still trying to find out what exactly they were doing, but I’m sure it has something to do with Chinese New Year.


For more stranger’s check out Ida’s blog.  It’s lovely over there.


Thom said...

Great photo. I wonder what was burning in there as well.

Francesca said...

Another very interesting photo of stragers, Kari (my son is all worried thinking they're burning money!).

Ida Nielsen said...

This is such a joyous and interesting picture. I wonder what the burning of the money (?) symbolizes?

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