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Wednesday, February 3

Corner View – Khanom Thai (Sweets)

M&M’s and Skittles are my all time favorite.  I also enjoy chocolate and chocolate cakes and cheesecakes but for today’s corner view I wanted to share a little about the wonderful world of Thai Sweets.

Thai sweets or Khanom Thai  are unique and have a colorful appearance.  They also have very distinct flavors.

Kao Niaw Ma-Muang (sweet sticky rice with ripe mango and coconut cream) is as adventurous as it gets for me when it comes to trying Thai sweets/desserts.  Maybe because I know what I’m getting.

mango with sticky rice But then there are these “Khanom Luuk Chuup” (Fruity Mung Beans.  colorful khanom

Aren’t they colorful?  I’ve never actually tried these because I’m not a bean person but they look  too  pretty to eat.   I think the gelatine and sugar used for the coating makes them bright and shiny.

But I’ve had these before - Khanom Krok (Coconut pudding). 

khanom khrok  They’re delicious.  I’ve learnt that it’s  a basic mixture of flour batter and coconut cream cooked in a pan over charcoal.  They’re  common and can be found in most places around Thailand especially with many street vendors.

Thai sweets and desserts are more than just something sweet to enjoy after a spicy herbal meal. They’re also used in Buddhist rituals and ceremonies and are popular gifts for special occasions. 

This plate below is what someone might take with them as a gift.


note: the photos’ are from google. – I always forget to take pictures on the food

So there you have it.  Khanom Thai. 

For more Khanom’s visit Jane’s sidebar.


Jewel said...

You have me salivating.. the fruity mung beans look like candy (Runts) and the coconut pudding.. yum! Also, I love a good mango! But here in America I usually stick to anything PEANUT BUTTER for dessert, hehe.

C.T. said...

Hmmmm, I think I would loooove Kao Niaw Ma-Muang and we (I'm half Indonesian)are used to these food combinations. Yummi!! But the coloured beans??? They look tasty, but still....beans???
Anyway lovely pictures you have chosen from google, but next time take your camera with you ;-)

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

Those coconut puddings sounds delicious. And how lovely to receive that platter as a gift.

denise said...

so colorful! i do love sticky rice and coconut. yum.

Daan said...

Your sweets are so beautiful!

Francesca said...

They are beautiful, and I love food when it looks so pretty. Do you ever make any of them at home?

la ninja said...


I have eaten (and attempted to make) the first one, sweet sticky rice with mango but I'm now craving the coconut pudding. loooooooooove coconut. :)

ibb said...

Colourful sweets.
Look great. Sweet rise??

jgy said...

Colorful, spiritual, and healthy sweets, I'd love to visit Thailand and try these !!!
I hope I can remember the word for when I go there one day---Khanom Thai. Thanks!

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

I really want tio taste these "sweets" !!! (beautiful pictures too)

jane said...

hi kari! this is so interesting. and i don´t think i´ve ever seen such beautiful sweets! wait for me to try the beans. we can try them together when i visit. :)

Dorte said...

Beautiful sweets ... I have tried Sticky rice w mango - it´s so delicious, but not the other things :-)

n a t s u m i said...

They look so delicious! I love sticky rice though lots of calories!! Mongo is my favorite fruit too!!

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