2014 Snapshots

Monday, February 1

100 Days ago……….

We packed her bag and sent her off to school.  A really big school according to her. Very different to her last one.  But the best thing about it - her big sister is at the same school. DSCF7294I imagine so many emotions must have been going through her mind that day.  Much excitement and  apprehension too. DSC07823

But 100 days later – she’s loving school and says her teacher is the best!. 

She’s  learnt that the alphabet is more than just a song but letters we put together to make words.  She’s learning that numbers go beyond 20 and are used for more than just counting.


Story books excite her because she can escape to another place and let her imagination soar.    The discovery of wood related to trees and the wonderment of being one with nature.  all so exciting for a 5 year old.  Then  of course there are the art classes for self expression, music to make melody and the curiosity that is aroused when hearing and learning  a foreign language – and for her that’s Spanish!

My baby is enjoying school.  But I know what makes it even better is the friends she makes, the playtime at the playground and free choice times.  Of course there are days when she loves all her friends and other days well it’s tough.  But hey it’s all part of learning.  Not just the academic stuff , but the social aspect of life and how to walk this journey.DSCF3060Happy 100 days Nysha and room 120 – there are  so many more ahead of you.  Which I know you’ll enjoy!

p.s. if you don’t mind can I ask you to visit their class blog – Learning With Room 120 and wish them a happy 100 days.  They’ll be excited to see their visitors map light up.

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Francesca said...

Happy 100 days! I visited your school blog!

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